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Information Plaque.jpg

The informational plaque is on the wall behind Pillar 1. It is entirely in English and appears to not contain any encrypted text.

The left plaque reads:

NKRYPT comprises eight stainless steel columns incised with coded messages represented as numbers, letters and graphic elements.

The name NKRYPT is derived from the Greek word 'kruptos', which means hidden. Designed by Dr Stuart Kohlhagen PSM, this enigmatic exhibit will challenge even the keenest code-breakers for years to come.

NKRYPT was launched by

The Hon. Kate Lundy

Senator for the Australian Capital Territory

4 March 2013

Australian Government logo, Questacon logo

The right plaque reads:


Mystery beyond

Decipher the veiled meaning

Renown awaits you

From simple to hard, the key to the last

is found in all the rest.

One code within NKRYPT celebrates Canberra's Centenary.

Be first to decipher it and win a great prize.

For more information:

Proudly supported by Mr Eddie Kutner and Mr Leon Kemplar

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lines of this informational plaque are a Haiku poem.